Learning How to Play Electronic Keyboards

Being able to play a musical instrument can be a lot of fun, especially if you are able to play it well enough to perform for family and friends. The electronic keyboard is a good instrument to start with, as it is probably one of the most widely available and versatile musical instrument. This is because it is usually dependent on batteries or electricity to operate, which means it does not require any tuning as well as the fact that the sound it produces can be changed according to the preference of the player.

Most electronic keyboards would feature several default sound presets to choose from There are many music schools offering electronic keyboard lessons as well as various online sites offering tutorials on how to learn playing the electronic keyboard. In order to learn, perhaps a very good motivating factor would be learning to play your favorite song. Some centers also teach playing by ear, which means that one should be able to spontaneously predict which keys to press based on the tunes heard instead of reading musical notes. If you own a tablet computer or a smartphone, there are also various apps which are based on electronic keyboards.

These apps usually feature certain songs and the keyboard would appear on the screen. Practicing to hit the notes on time might earn you points and also increase your skill in playing the electronic keyboard. This would be useful if you do not have a keyboard to practice on at home. Most large bookstores have a section on electronic keyboard books. This is usually meant for those who can read musical manuscripts. Pick a book which features your favorite song and for beginners, choose an easy grade to begin with These books occasionally come with an instructional CD which can be watched at home to further enhance your skills.

Finally, having a friend to practice with or someone you are comfortable with to teach you would really help in terms of making you able to pick up certain keyboard techniques faster. You can also aim to perform at a certain event in order to set a deadline and push yourself to perfect your playing before the day comes. You may also be part of a band to perform with, as the electronic keyboard can easily blend in with other instruments. Learning the electronic keyboard can be a greatly satisfying experience for the player and also the listener.

Learn how to Play Synthesizers

Have you ever been posed with a challenge on how to play Synthesizers? Learn how to master electronic synthesizer professionally. Electronic synthesizer, by the way, is a type of Keyboard. Other types of keyboards are the piano, the organ and the clavichord among others. The content contained in this article are suitable for both the amateurs and the professionals who are learning how to play the Synthesizers. This article suits anyone who wants to sharpen their skills on how to play the synthesizers.

Why it is crucial for you to how to play electronic synthesizers. Learn this skill on how to play synthesizers and you shall be a better performing and persuasive artist. This article is very important as it teaches you fundamental skills on the art of playing the synthesizers. First you most know the notes on the electronic synthesizer; It only uses the first seven letters of alphabet, that is, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. These letters re-occur several times on the keyboard. These are the basic ingredients that are manipulated to produce sweet melodies and harmonies.

Another skill that you must know so as to enable you to be well versed on how to play synthesizers is the fingering techniques on the keyboard. Learn all the scales in the entire key. Play them ascending and descending until you become very fluent and able legato and detached. Memorize the scales: diatonic major scales, diatonic minor scale, major and minor pentatonic scales, modes and all the other scales that I have not mentioned here. These scales are very critical to your success in learning how to play synthesizers.

Once you have mastered the scales, learning the chords will be much simpler since these chords are derived from the scales. Start with the triad, a type of chord that is built on the root, the third and the fifth. Play these chords, which can either major or minor depending on the quality, both ascending and descending on the synthesizer. You are at liberty to play them in block and in arpeggios. Once you have mastered the triads, you can play the primary triads on you synthesizer and be able to accompany any pop song. Most pop songs use the primary triad only Learn other chords like the dominant 7th and diminished chords. Practice them in all the keys.

The most important thing in the process of learning how to play synthesizers is practice. Always do practice.